New unique ANG 01 airplane

The new generation 5-seat airplane was designed and manufactured in 2019.
The airplane concept is based on existing LA-50, but ANG 01 is more advanced than its predecessor - we have reduced its weight and improved its structural behavior through the use of new carbon fiber materials.
Model: ANG-01
During ANG Patriot designing, the developers applied specialized software products. Due to these products, they developed optimal structure of the fuselage and wing. Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) methods made it possible to create a "digital wind tunnel", simulating the interaction of incoming flow on the airplane and layout components. The aerodynamic properties obtained this way were used to determine the optimal shapes with respect to the structural and technological requirements at the design phase.
To calculate the airplane geometry, specialists used Business automation software for enterprise resource planning, modern computer-aided design systems, which made it possible to accurately test structure integrity and other parameters without full scale tests during the design process.

The following main parameters were obtained based on CAD calculations:
380 kg
Overall empty weight
950 kg
Maximum take-off weight
570 kg
Payload, 150% of the airplane's empty weight
ANG-01 features
Retractable landing gear (with shock absorption system)
Allows to develop higher flight speed and have lower fuel consumption compared to fixed landing gear
Increased flap area
Reduces takeoff and landing speed
Computer airborne system
Excludes possible piloting errors (forbidden takeoff weight, unsafe landing gear, etc.)
GRS 6 800-990 SDS parachute rescue system
The airplane is equipped with a modern GRS 6 800-990 SDS parachute rescue system manufactured by Czech company Galaxy GRS s.r.o.
SkyView HDX electronic system
Airplane control became simpler and less tedious due to modern SkyView HDX electronic system manufactured by Dynon Avionics
Good noise isolation level
Gives passengers the possibility to have a good time during business flights or vacation flights with near and dear ones.
Airplane performance
The airplane was created by leading aircraft designers of Ukraine. Their unique technical solutions shaped in the airplane’s implementation, making it the best in its class on the world stage.
*at an altitude of 7000 m
Seating capacity
Rotax 915 iS 3A 141 HP
Automobile А-92, А-95, А-98, 100LL
Type of fuel
3-blade, ANG APP
Three-strut, hydraulically retractable
Landing gear
950 kg
Maximum take-off weight
380 kg
Empty weight
245 l
Fuel tank volume
10.8 m2
Wing area
9.6 m
1.35 m
Fuselage width
1.2 m
1.33 m
Cabin width
2.3 m (max)
Cabin length
88 kg/m2
Wing loading
1.9 m
Landing gear track
8" (420 mm)
Wheels size
780 l
Luggage hold
MAX 18.6
Aerodynamic efficiency
345 km/h*
Fast cruise speed
360 km/h*
Peak speed
85% 310 km/h*
Cruise speed
65% 290 km/h*
Cruise speed
80 km/h
Landing speed
7 m/s
Climbing rate
240 m
Accelerating run
150 m
Landing run
7200 m
Maximum flying height without engine power reduction
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Maximum configuration
Basic configuration
Aircraft New Generation Patriot UA is a Ukrainian manufacturer of ANG-01 airplane.
Our mission
To make the flight of passengers as comfortable, fast and safe as possible.
Our goal
To reach the best aircraft performance via optimal combination of design, technology, aerodynamics and characteristics of variable-pitch propeller engine.
The airplane implements unique technical solutions, making it one of the best in its class on the world market.
That is why we have created a new generation 5-seat airplane ANG-01.
Ease of operation, safety of control, reliability and quality of materials that compete with the best aviation products - these are the principles at the heart of the airplane concept.

The airplane was created by the leading aircraft designers of Ukraine.
Aircraft production
ANG Patriot itself manufactures composite materials for the airplane, using high-quality carbon fiber, fiberglass, foam and epoxy resins from world manufacturers.
We made 100% of the airplane structure using sandwich panel method. Thus, we provided maximum integrity with minimum weight of the airplane, as well as excellent noise insulation.

The passenger cabin floor was covered with special noise-insulating flame-resistant carpet. The fuselage roof and all walls were covered with noiseproof material. After the airplane assembling, before flight operation, we dynamically balance the propeller and it completely removes the engine vibration.
The required integrity is achieved by means of vacuum degassing and heat treatment in special drying chambers.

We paid special attention to aerodynamics. All brackets for flaps extension, ailerons control, radio antennas and other parts were hidden inside the structure, reducing flight drag. Even the sidesteps are retracted with electric motors into the fuselage during the flight. Only this insignificant detail increased the flight speed by 6 km/h.
ANG Patriot UA team includes the best aircraft designers and technicians of Ukraine.
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